Project management and file sharing Web application


Abc4Brands, Warsaw

Cooperation since 2016

The challenge

The Abc4Brands advertising agency needed an improved tool, thanks to which it would be able to organize work on advertising materials not only within the team, but also with the company’s clients and external service providers. The tools used so far did not allow for trouble-free and efficient work on hundreds of advertising materials, such as a complicated form of newsletters, product catalogs or leaflets. Proper information and access to always up-to-date materials are of key importance in cooperation with this type of projects, which is why we provided our client with the AdPublishing application.

Abc4Brands agency has been operating on the Polish market for over 20 years, providing advertising services to clients from Poland and abroad. The agency’s clients include well-known brands such as Biedronka, Leroy Merlin, OBI, MAKRO, DECATHLON and many others.

Our goal was to create one environment for the work of multidisciplinary teams dealing with the development of advertising materials.

The solution - AdPublishing

In order to deal with the daily challenges faced by employees of Abc4Brands agency, we have delivered a specialized module for managing advertising materials projects. Thanks to it, each participant in the process of creating product newsletters, leaflets or catalogs has access to files necessary to design materials. Free access of project team members to product data and the possibility of discussing the results of work, submitting comments, corrections – these are just some of the many opportunities that we have introduced to improve the quality of Abc4Brands work.

The application allows you to upload photos of products to the created catalog, containing detailed data about the articles. This allows you to easily build advertising materials such as newsletters, leaflets or product catalogs. From the application level, both the agency and partners have access to all necessary data in one intuitive system. Additionally, it is possible to connect to the database of products and ready-made promotional materials via API, which facilitates integration with other systems, such as aggregators of promotional newsletters or printing houses.


Key benefits

Working in an internal, created in accordance with strictly defined requirements has become not only efficient, but also pleasant. By concentrating all the necessary functions in one application, we reduced the possibility of errors in communication and the prolonged waiting for work approvals. All this translates into greater possibilities of the Abc4Brands team. An additional advantage of having such an intuitive and easy-to-use file and data sharing system is the additional business value – the agency’s clients are more likely to decide to cooperate with an agency that quickly responds to customer needs and has an implemented project service system.

In addition to the competitive advantage on the advertising market, the agency received a tool that allows it to organize the processes so far dispersed in many communication channels, dragging on endlessly and requiring work to be broken down into many unconnected tools.

System approach

All data and files necessary to work in one place, without any misunderstandings and ambiguities


Working in real time allows for instant delivery of projects

Business advantage

A comprehensive solution that makes customers more willing to use the services

This application will be powered by high-quality photos sourced directly from the Nielsen Brandbank Product Library. At the Nielsen Brandbank Library, data, including product photos, is constantly updated and approved directly by manufacturers and brand maintainers. Thanks to this agreement, customers of both companies will be able to use a more complete and tailored service.  [source]

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