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Cooperation since 2016

The challenge

Center for Banking Law and Information – publisher of several thematic magazines in the field of business, finance, real estate and local government, has been running the website for many years. The reputation built around the objective nature of the knowledge presented on the website allowed the website owners to build a strong position in the brand awareness. However, the technical solutions behind the functioning of the website left much to be desired and the website itself required the necessary refreshment to meet the expectations of modern readers.

The aleBank website is a portal operating since 2006, belonging to the Center for Banking Law and Information, presenting substantive knowledge and news from the world of finance.

Our challenge was to create the entire system of an extensive internet portal from scratch and give it a new, fresh look.

The solution - Web portal

To meet the requirements of the client and modern readers, we decided to create an entire portal system from scratch, which was to replace the obsolete solution used so far. In addition to the preparation of the CMS system and the visual layer, we took care of the migration of archived data to a new and more intuitive content management system. Our task was also to optimize the website from a technical point of view – so that the website was as well prepared as possible for efficient operation. First of all, we have introduced an even clearer responsive view (mobile versions of the website) and we have accelerated the operation of the website in web browsers. portal

Key benefits

The refreshed look of the website had a positive impact on the website’s reception as a brand and allowed the image of a modern, opinion-making medium to be preserved in the brand awareness. Thanks to the fast loading of the website, users are more likely to use it and have no problems with loading the content for too long, which may discourage from using the website. 

The transparent design of the mobile version allowed for an increase in the number of users visiting the website via mobile devices, which influenced the number of visits and shares of content on social media by the readers themselves. An additional advantage is a more intuitive and effective content management system, which allows you to more efficiently publish content that positively affects the good reputation of the domain in the search network, and also allows more flexible use of add-ons and external plugins.


Clear and modern design has a positive effect on the reception of the website


Fast page loading encourages the use of the website and reduces the bounce rate


A modern CMS allows for more flexible use of tools from external suppliers

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