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Umbrella Foundation, Wroclaw

Cooperation since 2020

The challenge

Due to the need to activate the city’s inhabitants, an idea was born to create an information service that would aggregate information about events in the city. Thanks to the funds obtained and the involvement of social activists working for the Co/We/Wro project, a plan was created to establish the first Wrocław website and a telephone application that will help people in Wrocław find an idea for spending free time, education or contribution to the local community.

From the beginning of the project, our challenge was to organize databases and several sources of obtaining information about events. We decided to create the most intuitive interface, thanks to which you will be able to search for events in the area in many ways and filter them according to your preferences. We have made every effort to create not only a practical but also aesthetic service, thanks to which users will find the information they need in the blink of an eye.

Umbrella Logo

The Umbrella Foundation is an initiative established to support non-governmental organizations in carrying out their statutory activities. One of such initiatives is the activation of the inhabitants of the city of Wrocław by informing about cultural events in the area.

We decided that we would reconcile a large amount of data with the intuitive interface of both the website and the application without compromise.

The solution - Co/We/Wro

We created mockups of the website and the application, anticipating the basic functionalities found in other websites with events, as well as taking into account the specificity of the city information service. We have prepared connections with databases from several sources to integrate them with our system. To build Co/We/Wro, we used the React interface and the Django system to ensure the speed of the website. For the mobile application, we used Flutter, which is one of the most popular technologies, ensuring stable and trouble-free operation of the mobile application.

After the design phase, together with the client, we started the implementation, and thanks to a well-thought-out strategy as well as excellent communication and project management, a fully functioning portal and application for the residents of Wrocław was created after a few months.

cowewro site

Key benefits

The result of our work is a comprehensive social and information platform, where users will not only find details about events in Wrocław, but also easily submit their own events to the Co/We/Wro database. The platform and the application for phones have a chance to be the first complete database of events organized throughout the city of Wrocław. From the initiatives of individual residents, through events organized by informal and formal groups, to large city events, you can find everything at Co/We/Wro.

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