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Corporate Content Management System Modifications

fortum energy company best programming it

Fortum, Wrocław

Cooperation since 2018

The challenge

Fortum is a Scandinavian leader in the energy industry that has been operating in Poland since 2003. Due to the need to improve the quality of work with clients and adapt to the requirements of a modern user, we were asked to make changes to the previously used CMS (Content Management System). All this to make managing the content broadcast on Fortum’s website simple and pleasant. The current content management system did not meet the team’s growing expectations, so it was necessary to create a new way of managing Fortum’s website content.

fortum energy company programmers it

Fortum is an international energy company that generates 64% of its electricity without CO2 emissions. The company is based in Finland and operates in Sweden, Norway, the Baltic Countries, Poland, Russia and India and others.

To improve the performance of Fortum employees, we undertook the creation of a new version of the CMS. The main assumption of the project was to create an easy-to-use tool.

The solution - Fortum CMS

The challenge we faced was to program and style the Content Management System. The system was supposed to be intuitive and convenient (even for an inexperienced user) to manage the content on Fortum’s website. Publishing new content in the news section and managing the placement and type of content should be possible with minimal employee training. To enable Fortum’s employees to easily manage content, we have modified the current CMS and added features to manage content blocks. We applied all the latest principles of building interfaces to make the operation of the new system as simple and intuitive as possible.

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Key benefits

The new form of the content management system allows Fortum employees to quickly add new messages to the website and modify the content of the website as needed. The CMS system is fast, thanks to which the level of user irritation related to content management has decreased. The intuitive way of editing content has significantly shortened the time needed to enter and modify content. The team’s flexibility in terms of publishing new content on the website has also increased, and the barrier associated with training new employees has been reduced to a minimum.


The use of leading technologies accelerated the operation of the system and the content management process


Adaptation to the users' requirements reduces the time needed to implement new editors to a minimum


A modern CMS allows you to freely manage content on Fortum's corporate website and news / blog section

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