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Glenmark Digital Contact System – modern way to communicate with Clients

Glenmark Communication System

Glenmark, Warsaw

Cooperation since 2020

The challenge

Glenmark is a global company employing over 8,500 people worldwide. It offers pharmaceutical products to customers with high quality requirements – both in terms of products and quality of service. In order to ensure the best possible communication between commercial structures and customers, there was a need to create a new method of communication. This is how the concept of creating an environment came to life, thanks to which traders in many countries will be able to inform customers about new products in the offer through personalized campaigns. They were to give the opportunity to send multimedia advertising materials, conduct short surveys, leave a lead, sign up for a contact date with a Glenmark representative and many others.

logo Glenmark

Glenmark is a renowned manufacturer of pharmaceutical products and a company that produces chemical and biological molecules. The company is listed on the stock exchange and awarded with prestigious industry awards.

The new customer communication system should allow you to send custom promotional campaigns with one click.

The solution - Digital Contact System

When creating the Digital Contact System, we were guided by the idea of an easy-to-use interface. One that will be flexible enough to handle many different forms of communication and can be used in many countries. This is how the platform was created, thanks to which a representative of Glenmark, with the consent of the client, can send a marketing message to one or more people at the same time. The SMS gateway integrated with the application sends the recipients a link to the previously prepared promotional campaign material, thanks to which the information reaches the recipient immediately and goes directly to the person concerned. As part of the campaign, you can use many forms of publication, including multimedia materials, forms, text boxes, calendar and others.

Glenmark Customer Contact System

Key benefits

Glenmark has gained an easy-to-use tool, thanks to which it can directly reach decision-makers with its campaigns. The intuitive interface means that campaigns can be sent en masse to many contacts, or occasionally, e.g. during a visit to the customer. As a result, the necessary materials are always at hand. Integration with an SMS gateway allows you to send messages in a recipient-friendly form that inspires greater trust than, for example, sending an email. The application has been prepared for translation into other languages, such as English, Czech, Slovak, thanks to which you can easily implement the solution on foreign markets.


Only a few clicks to send valuable information to your Customers


Using the SMS channel as the most trusted form of contact


Huge possibilities when it comes to the form of content or the selection of the audience

Are you ready to accelerate your business?