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Application supporting the facility change management processes

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Nestle Purina, Biskupice Podgórne

Cooperation since 2018

The challenge

Modern production of pet food and supplements is a standard that the owner of the Purina brand maintains at the highest level at the production plant near Wrocław (Poland). In line with the company’s policy and the implemented production standards, employees have the opportunity to have a real impact on the way they work and implement improvements of the existing procedures. Due to the implemented philosophy and the increasing role of modern technologies in production processes, there was a need to create a system solution for notifications and documentation of change management methods.

Nestle Purina

Nestle Purina is a leading manufacturer in the world dating back to the 19th century. According to the company’s philosophy, high quality of products equates to high standards of production and continuous improvement of processes.

As experts in the implementation of dedicated solutions, we developed an application for managing change in the production processes of Nestle Purina plant.

The solution - Change Management App

As a result of work on the solution for Purina, a system for managing change in production processes was created, which allows for systematising the planning and implementation of innovations reported by the company’s employees. The possibility of submitting suggestions and planning the implementation of optimized methods of operation allowed for a systematic approach to improving work in production. The tool in an ordered form has been implemented for use and is an element of anchoring the habit of introducing changes in the organizational culture of the company.

Nestle Purina change management

Key benefits

The implementation of the application allowed for the systematization of the approach to introducing beneficial changes and translated into increasing employees’ awareness of the benefits of implementing improvements. Thanks to the intuitive operation, both operators as well as leaders and managers can easily use the resources of the system, recording notifications and analyzing progress.

Ease of use and transparent information encourage the use of the system and have a real impact on the increased number of submissions of innovative ideas.


Gaining a common place to document and share innovations


The ability to increase productivity by gathering and processing ideas


Change management with the help of our solution streamlines production operationally

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