10 reasons to hire software developers from Poland

10 reasons to hire software developers from Poland

Hiring programmers today is a more difficult task than ever. Along with the development of the entire industry and the growing importance of software in the daily functioning of companies and individuals, the number of software houses has increased several times in the last 15 years. The increased demand on the market resulted in a flood of companies dealing with web applications, there was a development of educational institutions offering specialized IT education, and thus the curse of abundance.

Central Europe, including Poland, also benefited from the wave of the growing IT market, which thanks to the appropriate location and efficient education system, as well as an ambitious approach to the challenges of local young engineers, is today the number 1 choice when it comes to tailor-made software suppliers. Today we will take a broader look at the reasons why it is worth choosing Polish programmers for the next ambitious IT project. Here are 10 reasons why you should do this:

1. Very high quality of the software

We have known for a long time that well-developed software can save not only nerves, but also a lot of money. If the quality of applications and IT systems is to be excellent, every detail should be taken care of, which in the future may contribute to the elimination of errors and surprises. The design process is as important as the implementation and testing before implementation, but the business aspects of the implemented solutions should not be forgotten either. Polish programmers have long done their homework when it comes to quality requirements for the software they produce and are employed on the most ambitious projects around the world. Not only as outsourcing teams, but also inside international concerns that care about the highest level of the code itself, as well as customer satisfaction with the solutions provided. There are also many international projects written and implemented by Poles, which today are called business unicorns.

2. English skills

From the beginning of the 1990s, when Poland joined the political group of Western countries, the number one language taught in schools was English. People born after 1989 learn foreign languages in Poland, mainly English and German. Despite the increasing diversification in language learning in recent years from the level of primary school, English is still the leading language in higher education and engineering. Polish students and graduates of technical universities know not only the nomenclature related to programming languages, but also can communicate in foreign languages and often have soft skills that allow for effective communication with non-technical people. Due to the lack of a communication barrier, and what is more, the lack of cultural barriers, Poles are able to cooperate with foreign clients and technical teams with great ease.

3. Great education level

Higher education in Poland is at a high level. Many universities rank among the best European universities. Experienced professors teaching at polytechnic universities and technical universities are distinguished and titled scientists who are willing to share not only their knowledge, but also experience with their students. Private companies work closely with universities and keep a close eye on the best students, offering them jobs and the opportunity to gain experience during their studies or after graduation. Competition in acquiring talent between companies is so great that at every job fair organized by universities for students, at least a few technology companies want to recruit the best students as future employees. It is also worth mentioning that the Polish academic community has had many scientific successes in the international arena, and the traditions of cultivating exact sciences in Poland go back several hundred years!

4. Business approach

Programming skills are an extremely useful skill on the job market, which, combined with experience, can become an excellent career path in IT. However, the mere knowledge of programming languages and the ability to apply them in practice is sometimes not enough to provide a business with excellent quality system tools. Poles are known as a very resourceful nation and able to adapt to all conditions, including economic ones. The ability to look at issues in a business context is, in a way, part of the culture in Poland, and also among programmers, such a business approach to implemented projects can be expected. When commissioning programming work, you can expect business suggestions from Polish developers, which can be a great advantage when implementing projects.

5. Relatively low prices

The Polish economy is one of the developing economies in the European Union. As a result, it abounds in well-trained specialists with low labor costs. The rates in Poland are slightly higher than in Eastern Europe, but still much lower than in Germany or France. Choosing a Polish company as a software supplier, we will pay relatively a bit more for a man-hour, but the quality of the code produced and greater experience in working on international projects make the value for money excellent. Additionally, Poland is a member of the European Union, so you can be sure that Polish software suppliers know and follow the same regulations and standards that are in force in Western Europe.

6. Security standards

As a member of the European Union, Poland knows and respects the regulations related to the GDPR. In addition to issues related to data security, which Poland as a member state respects, in 2017 the National Framework of Security document was brought into being, which describes in detail security standards and ways to improve cybersecurity in the digital world. Compliance with security rules, especially when implementing projects involving customer data, is a must have – when you hire programmers from Poland, you can count on much more than the necessary minimum.

7. Location

Location in the heart of Europe is a huge responsibility, but also a privilege that Poland uses. Due to its geographic location, not only is there an inextricable dependence between Poland and the countries of Western Europe, but also there are no barriers related to the difference in official time. The time zone difference between Poland and other European countries does not exceed 1 hour, which is very convenient in the context of communication between the client and the software provider.

8. Modern technologies

Software developers in Poland have their finger on the pulse of technological novelties. This means that they are kept up to date with all changes in the software languages they use. It is worth mentioning that programmers in Poland use the most advanced and most frequently used tools and programming languages also in Western Europe and the USA, thanks to which, regardless of the environment in which they work, they are always ready to work and challenges related to the project.

9. Efficient workflow

For the implementation of projects, Polish programmers usually use the Agile methodology, which has gained great popularity and many supporters. It allows for very effective management of projects of high complexity and implemented in many ways. As in all of Poland, we also use effective project management methods at LightCode – if you want to find out how the workflow should be managed for your project, contact us and tell us about your plans. Together, we will try to take the first steps in the implementation of the project and select the best methodology for working on it.

10. Remote work

Due to the recent global epidemiological crisis, also in Poland, a culture of remote work and effective methods of managing dispersed teams have developed very quickly. This was certainly helped by the developed ICT infrastructure, allowing for access to fast and failure-free Internet. Although programmers have always been used to hybrid or 100% remote work, many entrepreneurs were not convinced of this type of work organization. Today, each of us knows that it is possible to work remotely, and because you already know that Poland is in an ideal place on the map of Europe, it is relatively cheap and the local programmers are great, there is nothing else to do but contact us and talk about a joint project that we will implement!