Improving Website Speed Index In Google

Improving Website Speed Index In Google

A recent study of mobile page speed conducted by Google has revealed surprising trends across all vertical ranges, offering a new performance measure for webmasters to measure page speed and performance of their pages. The report is based on several user-centered performance metrics defined by Google and uses the Google Page Speed Index (GPSI) and the Google Pagespeed Index, as well as other metrics.

Google tools lets you check both mobile and desktop speed index

Visitors who regularly use Page Speed download the resources of the website and can view a given metric in page speed views directly in the browser. Score results from Google PageSpeed Insight, which considers different loading times on your site overall and optimizes them according to best web performance practices.

If you need help to speed up your website, Light Code team offers a range of page speed optimization services that can improve the user experience and score points from Google PageSpeed Insights.

Why Website Speed Index is so important?

The Speed Index, combined with the other metrics from Google’s speedInsights page, gives you a better idea of what you need to work on to improve your website for your visitors. Now that you know how to calculate your SpeedIndex, you can take the time to start your most popular pages with Google Pagespeed Insight over time. With Google site audit tool can help you prioritize repair actions to drive improvements, reduce loading times and better convert visitors.

Google PageSpeed Insights can be helpful, but it cannot be used in isolation to assess the performance of your site. You can use it when comparing your page performance, but we do not recommend using it only for speed tests. A far better strategy would be to focus on improving one of the more important metrics found in the Google PageSpeed Insights report. We can explain you how to get a better understanding of the performance and performance metrics of your website from Google.

Is it reliable enough?

As you can see from the recommendations on Google’s page, it is valuable and can help you optimize your websites, but is it worth the time and effort? PageSpeed Insights can be a useful tool, but it shouldn’t be the way to measure the performance of your website. First, go ahead and collect something – blow data and analyze your site performance. Be aware that the true indicator of a website’s performance is not the performance score, but the score on the page.

If you know how to use Google’s Page Speed Data and its tools, they can be very helpful for your website. PageSpeed Insights helps you identify performance problems on a particular website, suggests how to optimize your website and suggests how to make your website faster. But if you’re not sure how to implement those suggestions, we do not advise you to take care about it by yourself. Some changes can be done only with the access to advanced configuration of your website.

We have seen that with a little luck and a lot of hard work you can get a 100 / 100 score. Google will give you some tips on how to achieve 100% with its Pagespeed Insight and why you need to accomplish this feat on an example of random website:

As with other Google web tools, the goal is to promote the creation of high quality content and links to the best content on your site. As with any other web tool, the loading speeds of your websites influence Google’s ranking by satisfying the search engines “intention” to attract visitors.

As you can see above, it’s nice to have detailed info of how Google sees your specific URL, and tips to make some improvements on your business website. However, to really improve the Google PageSpeed Insight results you’ll need some help of software and web developers – feel free to contact us.